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Steamboat at Jasmine’s

Nice small gathering yesterday at Jasmine’s house for steamboat. Kudos to Jasmine for hosting hahaha.

We had Miaoru just keep singing and singing and singing and singing. Like some machine HAHAHAHHA. Diva jiu shi diva. xD

And thanks for the card and flower Ferlyn!! Really love and appreciate it. 我真的有感动到。虽然没有感动到哭哈哈哈.

Hope you all liked my card/present!!

When can I celebrate Valentine’s day?? Hmmm~~ HAHAHAHA.

Maybe Jonathan was right. All of us are trapped in this curse. Can you all hurry and leave Singapore so that I can get a girlfriend?? HAHAHA no la kidding. xD

Happy Valentine’s all! ^^

P.S: Saw some great news, and I’m really happy for her!! Really pray that God will watch over the couple, and shower blessings on them!! ^^


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