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I’m back!!

I’m finally back!! Pardon the lack of updates, but I’ve been really busy lately. With yanshou, song preparations, work, assignments, and it feels like I’m facing school all alone most of the time. And it’s just school, OB, school, OB, school, OB. The only day I can really relax seems to be Sat, when I dun have to worry about school or work or prepare for anything else. There’s so much going on, I can barely get a social life.

At least I’m still getting B+ for my assignments. For now.

It really sucks when you have less than 5 friends in school, and just about that amount at your workplace too. It feels like you’re facing the world all alone sometimes. I’ve been counting, and the number of people I really can fully confide in don’t amount to more than 6. That’s sad. And I dun get to meet my OB friends that often (k it’s mostly my fault, but ya). Oh wells. And it’s as if I don’t even know how to interact with new people anymore, cos all I do is stay silent. HAHA.

It’s conflicting. I want to know more people, make more close friends, yet I’m afraid to know more people, cos I don’t want to change my current lifestyle just to suit new friends. That and I’m afraid I’ll just lose touch just like I did with my old choir buddies. =/ But if I dun meet new people I might just end up like my uncle. Single and alone for life. Better change my mindset.

And everyone is falling sick like seriously. Thank God I’m recovered. Like seriously. Completely no voice on Monday, and I had to do a recording for my project the next day. Just imagine the number of times I cracked. NOT FUN.

God bless me for the next 3 weeks, I seriously need the blessing. And prayers. I just hope I can pull through everything in the next 3 weeks. Can’t wait for 3 month break. Just hope I can prove myself to be good enough to start teaching by early May, then my workload should be reduced by half by then. I hope. I’m just counting down now. Once live band is down, I’m just left with yanshouS and P.crew to worry about. That and my piano stuff, but hopefully I can clear it by live band too.

And no, I’m not saying I’m more busy than others or anything. I just feel like I’ve got the right to rant on my blog if I want to. Everyone is busy in their own way. =) I really need to start studying for exams. I can already foresee myself flunking this sem, and I don’t want to if I can help it.

I finished watching Dream High!! Woohoo. Awesome show. FTW. ^^ IU is damn zai


Nothing to do…

So here I am, chilling in canteen A listening to music and enjoying the silence here alone. I just love the atmosphere here. Especially on a cool day like today. ^^

I’m used to this routine, to be honest. It’d be nice to have a friend around, but being alone suits me fine. Especially when I only have 3 friends this sem. >.<

Live band prac later, video interview and yanshou tomorrow!! I’m quite excited actually hahahaha!! Especially about the next few months. But tomorrow matters more. Jiayou!! =)

K time to get back to ALL my notes.


OB folks came down to my house yesterday for a BBQ, and it was certainly enjoyable. Had a great time eating and playing games. =)

Even though I’m having a splitting headache right now. Didn’t get a good night’s sleep at all. =/

The feeling may still be there, but I’m even more scared of losing a friend than anything. I was done 6 months ago, and my stand still remains the same. I really don’t want to lose any more friends. =(

JJ Lin ‘I AM’ Concert 2011

I wasn’t really planning to go for the concert cos I couldn’t afford the tickets, but I’m still thankful that I got the chance to go. =) Thanks to Wewe that I was able to get a free ticket (K dun beat me up ><)

JJ is really damn power. I really dunno how he does it. 20+songs, and all so well done!! I really liked the way he did 背对背拥抱 and 第几个100天. And the way he sang ‘I AM’…wow. And I didn’t even like that song!! And the way he managed to interact with the audience, so many things to learn and reflect! =)

And Jam Hsiao was awesome. Like awesome awesome.

But the live band and harmony was too loud. That’s what I thought. But that just showed the fact how amazing and stable JJ Lin was. I guess.

Great concert. =D

Impresario 2011 Semi Finals Group

Ok I’m finally back blogging. I really need to stop updating so many posts at one shot hahahha.

Ok Simpli5 didn’t get into the Grand Finals, but as long we know our standard, I can live with it. =)

What’s more important is the process, not the result. I really enjoyed all our group practices, and I saw improvements compared to the last time we performed together! So proud to work with them. Despite the problems we face, I really enjoy working with them more than any other groups I’ve ever worked with (no offence folks. ><)

Rock on man. =D

Steamboat at Jasmine’s

Nice small gathering yesterday at Jasmine’s house for steamboat. Kudos to Jasmine for hosting hahaha.

We had Miaoru just keep singing and singing and singing and singing. Like some machine HAHAHAHHA. Diva jiu shi diva. xD

And thanks for the card and flower Ferlyn!! Really love and appreciate it. 我真的有感动到。虽然没有感动到哭哈哈哈.

Hope you all liked my card/present!!

When can I celebrate Valentine’s day?? Hmmm~~ HAHAHAHA.

Maybe Jonathan was right. All of us are trapped in this curse. Can you all hurry and leave Singapore so that I can get a girlfriend?? HAHAHA no la kidding. xD

Happy Valentine’s all! ^^

P.S: Saw some great news, and I’m really happy for her!! Really pray that God will watch over the couple, and shower blessings on them!! ^^


The once every year CNY gathering. And we had potluck at Chunrong’s house!! At least it wasn’t as messy as last year HAHAHA.

And can I make an advertisment?? Chunrong is a damn good cook omg. Seriously. Open a restaurant please I sure help you publicize if I go into media. =D

Next up, BBQ!!!