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Impresario Quarters!

Well I tried my best, so the results doesn’t really affect me that much. I admit, I’m a bit disappointed, but life still goes on. It doesn’t mean I’m lousy, it just means I’m not at the required standard yet.

But thanks to all those wishes I got before the start, and the guidance I had from Huanjie. Really appreciate it lots. ^^

And congrats to Miaoru for getting in!!!

And did I mention how small the world was? I met one contestant who has the same surname as me, and another contestant who’s my AHS junior, is now in VJC choir, and was Size laoshi’s student, and was just recently asked to join the semi-pro class! The things you’ll never know until you talk to them. >.<

Oh well. So now it’s time to work for group semi-finals.


Ferlyn’s birthday

Celebrated Ferlyn’s birthday along with Jasmine, Nat, Ruth, Alex and Chunrong yesterday at Fish and Co. So much for it being a surprise, she completely knew almost everything. -_-”

I need a better liver, almost died drinking last night. Red wine followed by beer. I seriously think it’s the red wine. But oh well, yesterday was fun. Long time since I had fun like that, everyday’s been about work and preparation and studies.
Glad she liked the present and card~ First time I tried making one, and the process is actually quite fun. ^^
Hope you had fun!!
Time to start watching Secret Garden, after everyone’s strong recommendation.


Life’s been pretty normal of late, with certain thoughts distracting me every now and then, but so far so good. I’m starting to see a slight crossing over in playing, and singing. Too bad I discovered all these stuff only at 21. If only I started younger. Oh wells.

School’s started though, and it sort of sucks. Especially the module registration thing.

Been hanging out with lots of friends as well lately. I know it’s in my character, but I think I really need to know how to change my personality a bit. Like opening up. While still keeping that sense of control within me.

Things are going to get busy!! Especially when March approaches. I really really really really pray and hope I can pass all the trials and challenges I’m gonna be facing in the next 3 months.

Ciao all!!

Reflections and resolutions

Ok I know this post is REALLY outdated, but things have been so so so busy lately. xD

2010 was a relatively good year for me, despite the downs I had to go through. Got to try different genres of music that I never thought I even bother about, and even tried out acting!! 2010 was really quite a year of opportunities, from SCAPE performances, to Impresario finals, then to acting in musicals in Korea. Hopefully all this will continue this year.

Not to forget the teaching opportunities I’ve been given. =D

Plus I made a few new close friends. =D

So this year, things on my list:

1. Impresario 2011 Grand Finals! (I really wanna stand on that stage again, and make a comeback)
2. Complete learning how to teach by March
3. Complete the basic PBE syllabus and play in all 12 keys
4. Learn the basic skills of a keyboardist.

I really really really really pray I can get into Impresario Grand Finals this year, both solo and group. Even though my solo audition was over since Nov, I’m actually quite anxious for the results, seeing that so many friends are going for the audition this month. I still have more that I want to show, so much more I can work on. Completely not happy with how I did despite their nice comments. Plus this could be one of my last competitions. Sometimes I have no idea if I’m just torturing myself or sth.

Really pray that God will give me this chance. And my group as well. =D

EM Wedding gallery Gig

My first performance in 2011.

My first ever performance in JB, in a wedding photo agency cum gallery.

My first time ever singing with a live band. The feel is REALLY different. Plus Ryan is a really ZAI keyboardist. xD

Really posh place. When I get married I’d want my photos to be taken by them. xD

And there were even Singapore DJs and artistes!!

All in all the performance went quite well. First time I did a performance like this, and I’m glad the audience and staff liked it. But there’s always room for better. =D

It was an eye-opener, and I learnt alot throughout, even though the pay was quite low. But I got to make new contacts! And the experience really counts. Everything was worth it!!

Really thanks to Huiqi laoshi for the gig recommendation. Got to meet friendly and zai musicians in JB, and there’ll still be chances to work with them!! If circumstances allow. =D


Countdown at Serangoon Garden!! Really happening last night. Watching Hady Mirza, fireworks, and being a punching bag.

Quite high yesterday. xD

Same place, with the same people as last year!!

Great celebration, but too bad I couldn’t stay back all the way with them. >”<

Reflections and resolutions up next!! Or maybe the one after the next. =D

Christmas Outing!!

These were the people I spent Christmas with.

Fellow people who not only share the same passion for music, but people who I can truly call friends, among the small group of friends that I have.

Had a great time with them. =DD

So how did you spend your Christmas?? xD